HExwave Studio
We create one-of-a-kind brand experiences for rebellious companies that don’t fear speaking their authentic voice.
The future needs bold brands that no one has ever seen the likes of before. Don’t settle for trendy templates or copy-paste design work that doesn’t express the real you. Let us guide you on a brand strategy journey that will change the way the world sees you for good.
There is only one you in the world.
And it’d be a shame for no one to get the chance to see that.

*offering brand strategy & identity*
logo symbols
brand colors
font hierarchy
social content
webflow websites
wordpress websites
Brand Assets
I'm looking to have a brand that is:
imaginative, not childish
edgy, not resentful
engaging, not charming
unapologetic, not rude

Values fierceness, exploration, authenticity, originality, directness, and sustainability.
a non-binary brand identity
nothing too feminine or masculine
the primary brand color scheme followed by a more extensive brand color palette.
wordmark ideations. nothing here is complete they are just concepts i am throwing around.