Since 2014, I’ve worked with passionate people to broadcast their brand stories in visually engaging ways. By strategically incorporating market research and brand strategy, I have helped brands grow to exceed their business goals. I strive to better the world by helping small businesses and entrepreneurs like you engage customers and clients through brand identity, social media content & web design.
Unsure what your business needs? Don’t hesitate to email me and we can chat about what services will best suit your needs.
Meet Jessica
I'm a Chicago-born geek currently living in Los Angeles, CA. If I’m not at my desk working on logo sketches, I’m riding my bike to a local brewery or snuggling my two cats.  I graduated from Otis College of Arts and Design in 2014 with a BFA in Product Design and a minor in Creative Writing. Driven to grow, I regularly read blogs and take courses on communications, marketing, design, and gaming. I have a strong desire to interweave my interests and skills in whatever way I can to create sustainable solutions. Learn more.
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