Logo & Branding
Utilizing the company branding, I designed resealable pouches for 3 unique flavors, as well as boxes that functioned for both shipping and in-store display.
Social Media
Issa's Flame Baked wanted to build an audience of consumers and gauge nationwide interest of their product. I established social media profiles for the brand, wrote all brand content, and uploaded profile imagery on Instagram and Facebook. I  also assisted in creating content and engaging a base following for the brand.
Marketing & Sales
'The Origin' poster was used to gain intrigue and start conversations at trade shows and in-store tastings. 'The Origin' begs costumers to ask how the pita chip started as a salad. Sales sheets were create as digital reference points for potential buyers such as retail chains and schools.
"Jessica helped us build our entire brand from the ground up. She does an amazing job of understanding the people behind the company, what the brand represents, and the message that is trying to be delivered.
She also has a very creative eye and knows how to design in an original way that helps separate your brands identity from others. I highly recommend Jessica to any company looking for a unique, fresh, and innovative perspective!"
-Andrew Issa, Owner, Issa's Pita Chips

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